The Caribbean; exotic rainforests, volcanic mountains, white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas. This is what came to mind when my family announced our summer holiday plans of travelling to the small island of Saint Lucia.


I wasn’t to be disappointed. The 45-minute taxi journey from the cute airport gave us the opportunity to venture through the dense rainforests across the island. Perhaps the only fault with our Caribbean adventure was getting caught in what was luckily the start of Hurricane (then tropical storm) Matthew, but I’ll get to that later!




St Lucia is undoubtedly an island of romance. I would have certainly been a ‘third-wheel’ to my parents if it wasn’t for the vast activities that both the surrounding land and St. James’s Club, Morgan Bay Resort has to offer. I tried the majority of the water sports that they resort’s bay provided; kayaking, snorkelling, riding the banana boat, and my personal favourite, paddle-boarding. Within the resort grounds, St. James’s club provided sports such as water volleyball, tennis and beach football, all activities new to me, and what better way to introduce myself to them than with 30-degree heat, unlimited drinks and amazing views.




The islands also provided us with a great opportunity to venture within and experience the raw exotic experience first hand, through a cable cart through the rainforests and over the mountains. This also provided activities such as hiking, zip lining and bird watching. In addition, excursions to areas of the island via catamarans, helicopters or hiking are incredibly popular. The catamarans offer snorkelling opportunities, dining in traditional Caribbean styles, and late night sailing for the more romantic crowds. Unfortunately for myself, a lot of these activities were postponed or cancelled due to weather warning and the effects on the sea and tides.




As stated, perhaps the only downfall of the holiday was, half way through our week vacation, receiving warning that a tropic storm was approaching and has the potential to escalate to a hurricane (which it did!). The torrential rain caused flooding, the 70 mph winds brought down trees, leading to what we thought was a great idea at having our balcony close to the sea, actually seem like it was going to be the death of us.


Thus, perhaps it would be a good idea to advise the best times to visit St Lucia. From June to November, it is considered the ‘off-season’, being the wettest months, despite high temperatures. Due to this, numbers of visitors will be lower than the high season, meaning that attractions, hotels and restaurants are more likely to be emptier, and perhaps cheaper. The high season, being from December to April, will see the most visitors, and perhaps higher prices, both for travel and in the general culture.




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