This post will probably be a mistake as I shouldn’t give her the satisfaction of being right, but my girlfriend Eesh (short for Ayeisha incase anyone was wondering), has opened my eyes to some pretty major things.

P.S. These things are mainly about food because I guess we as a couple… love food.


 Katsu Curry

I weirdly remember my first time trying this very vividly. Eesh and I were walking down Liverpool Street, and she was SUPER hungry, which was my fault somehow… We finally ended up in a Wasabi restaurant, and wow, do they do an amazing katsu curry!? Now I can proudly say I’m a Katsu and Wasabi lover.

KFC Gravy

I think everyone who’s ever had a KFC, gets the heavenly side of gravy. But before I was with Eesh, I always got beans… I know right… what was I thinking! Now, I can’t help but get the gravy, it truly is amazing! Of course its a bonus when I get a KFC almost every week…

Love Island TV Series

Now this is a controversial topic… Love Island is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I have to admit, I didn’t watch it at first, and I didn’t want to. But I love having something to talk about and debate, and I hoped it would also impress my GF if I started watching! I started on season 2, and now after season 3 I’m hooked and thousands of people are watching it, so I guess I made a good decision!

Papa Johns

 Once again Eesh introduced me to another thing to do with food… and its another thing I can’t believe I did not have in my 20 years. I’ve definitely come to love Papa Johns over any other pizza delivery and now I have been blessed with a Papa Johns opening up down the road from me!


 So this one is pretty major… Although I was really close to London at uni, I never really spent time to explore and discover the capital. In the last year hat I’ve been with Eesh, we’ve spent almost every weekend doing something in and around London, and I’ve been introduced to so many things, including Camden Markets, London Bridge and Soho. After all we’re still eager to explore more!

So here has been a short insight into the things that my girlfriend has introduced me to in the last year! I’m sure the more things we do, the more I can add to this list! Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 21.18.32

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