Hello everyone!

So with the start of a new year at university looming I guess my summer in coming to an end. After my first year at uni and watching others graduate I’m feeling confident to do well and have a great second year. To elaborate, here are a few of my goals for the new year.

1. Get back into the gym

So before I started working loads this summer I actually made decent progress in the gym towards where I want to be (hopefully one day I’ll be able to make a blog post about it) and now I’m returning to uni I’m determined to really go for it!

2. Join a club/society

I’ve been at Hertfordshire University for two years now, and although its been a great experience I feel like I can still get more involved. This year, I do aim to give boxing a try as I have been wanting to for some time now! Also, the uni’s own magazine and news is something I might have a look at.

3. Achieve good grades

In my first year I mostly did pretty well, I achieved two firsts, two 2:1s and two 2:2s. I was really gutted about the lower grades, mainly because believe it or not, they were in my favourite modules. However, many late night Netflix sessions and leaving it too late to check my work meant that those particular assignments were not the best… at all. This year I’m determined to start assignments early, and set myself up for graduating with an excellent grade… hopefully.

4. Save some money

Me and Eesh have been so eager to go travelling, however having two years of uni left and no money really isn’t helping. Last year financially was really hard because most of my money went on driving lessons, but hopefully this year I can find a job at uni and save a little!

5. Go on holiday

Watching my sister go on at least five holidays this year has made me sooo jealous, and what is even more annoying is the cheap deals she is able to find literally all the time. I think if i budget well, I just might be able to afford a small weekend away in Europe somewhere.


Thanks for reading!


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