I’ve always wanted to travel the world, experiencing the different cultures and landscapes of different countries. I may not have exactly travelled the world… yet, but I’ve been to a handful of countries and I’ll certain explore more. Life as student has its downfalls, the most prominent being the lack of money to spend on luxuries.

However, with a bit of budgeting and the right website deal, visiting places around the world can be possible. I thought I would share the countries I’d love to visit, hopefully in the near future…


For years its been a plan of mine to travel after university, and Thailand was the key destination in which I wanted to pack up and journey through. Thailand obviously has such a different culture to anything of Europe, and films like The Beach have made me fascinated by the culture and landscape, and excited to eventually experience it.

My sister had a holiday in Thailand earlier this year, and I was extremely envious of the experience she had! The holiday seemed pretty perfect; one week experiencing the urban culture of Bangkok, and then a second week in the rural area of Hua Hin, in which she experienced volunteering with elephants.

Without copying their holiday identically, I would love to do similar to this, especially the volunteering and helping elephants part, with a bit more exploration!



Travelling to Iceland is a must for me and my girlfriend, especially with the value for money in terms of the amazing opportunities to experience the blue lagoons, the Northern Lights and overall Icelandic culture. This seems like the most affordable holiday destination on my travel bucket list being a student, and hopefully  I’ll be able to tick it off the list in the next year or so!



Similarly to Thailand, I really am intrigued and excited by the vast difference in culture from areas in Asia. It seems to be common knowledge that Japan has rapidly progressed with technology, yet the country has so much historical attractions that I would just love to see. The Himeji Castle and Hiroshima are definitely top of my list, as well as being able to see Mount Fuji in person.

Japan also seems to be were a lot of people my age travel to during gap years or during summers, and I can tell by the endless amount of photos that it is so interesting and captivating.


New Zealand

New Zealand really does look like it has everything to see. The single fact that New Zealand is where the Lord of the Rings franchise was filmed is enough for me, but with different climates all packed into one country, theres so many different things and activities to experience.



Similarly to New Zealand, any picture or video I see of Canada, seems to be some kind of amazing scenery or landscape. I think the main thing for me to do, judging by the common theme in these places that I want to visit, is to explore. I feel that when somewhere looks so amazing, like in Canada, I will happily hike and photograph as much as possible.


Please feel free to comment where you would love to travel to or have travelled!




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