Hi there guys! How is everyone?

Earlier on in the year I landed in my girlfriend’s good books when I surprised her with tickets to a much liked music artist of hers, Mura Masa. For months now we’ve been looking forward to this day!


Turtle Bay

Just like when we came to Brixton to see Glass Animals back in March, Myself and Eesh grabbed dinner in the Turtle Bay restaurant and bar before going to the concert.

So last time that we went to the Brixton Turtle Bay I had a Caribbean Browned Chicken One Pot, which was soooo incredible. This time I thought I would try another dish, to see if other options could be equally as good. The chicken curry One Pot seen above was indeed amazing, not as great as the browned chicken, but still amazing to eat because of all of the spices and flavours. P.s I would definitely recommend the spicy chips as a side.


Mura Masa Concert

Fortunately for us our phones were on the o2 network, giving us priority queuing into the o2 Academy. This allowed to us to get an early choice of were we want to stand for the next five hours…

In the end, it didn’t really matter, as there was so little room to move, and we were even surprised to see a moshpit occur (if you don’t know what it is, youtube or google it!). The music and experience was amazing, as well as some great supporting artists.


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