Hi there! How is everyone!?

I’m often thinking what can I write about my blog. I worry about it not being appealing or similar to other, successful blogs, but then I feel I should just write about what I’m interested in (which is food, gym, films and experiencing new things) to make my blog unique.

So, I feel that I really am not alone when I say I love food, more specifically, greasy, dirty, fast food… like burgers.

Over the last year I have unintentionally started a sort of tradition of trying out burgers in a lot of the places that we visit. So I thought why not share a few pics and details about my burger experiences… as after all, they do look great!


The Banc

We first visited this restaurant in North London after falling in love with their Instagram pictures, and we weren’t disappointed. I personally think that the prices are extremely good value and worth the money. The prices of the burgers range from £7-£12.50, and sides are from £2-£6. From the pictures below, you can certainly see that the restaurant does not hold back with portions. In terms of the burger, it was incredible! I can’t quite remember but I think I ordered the tower burger option and added blue cheese, which is a personal favourite of mine. Eesh’s chicken goujon burger was really good too, so I definitely recommend and I’ll be certainly visiting the Banc again soon!


Shake Shack

The first time we visited a Shake Shack was when we were hiking around London, spending at least an hour desperately looking for something to eat. In London… sounds easy doesn’t it!? HOWEVER, if you have a girlfriend, I’m sure you will know that sorting out somewhere or something to eat is not easy, but actually takes a long, potentially heated discussion, with many “I don’t know”s.

This time the hunger really got to Eesh, and we landed inside this busy, fast paced restaurant. In terms of our experience, the hunger definitely got to us, as we willingly spent quite a bit of money, as you can see in the pictures. The prices were not exactly cheap, and although the burger was good, I personally feel like it was a bit basic for how much it cost, especially in comparison to other burgers from other restaurants. Overall the double beef burger with bacon and cheese was good, certainly filled a gap in my stomach. Thus, I would recommend, just prepare to spend a bit of money.


Seven Stars

Stumbling upon the Seven Stars restaurant in Canterbury, Kent will certainly be a highlight of our food adventures this summer. As you can see from the pictures below, we went all out on the menu, and from what I can remember there wasn’t much left afterwards at all! The burger was fantastic, being extremely thick and flavoursome, which was well supported with the sauces and some cheeky added jalapeños. Also, from the picture you can see that the burger isn’t the only option on the menu that looks, and is amazing! I would definitely recommend!


Fayre & Square

I’m assuming like other restaurants in the chain across the country, the Fayre & Square pub restaurant in Maidstone, Kent, seems to provide mostly basic and affordable cuisine options, ranging from good old English burgers and breakfasts to Indian or Thai. However, don’t let the basic label put you off as the foods seen in the pictures are really something. This was a great meal out, as not only did I get to indulge in this double stacked bacon and cheese burger (in which I added crispy jalapeños to add that extra bit of spice) but I was able to finish my girlfriend’s Indian curry. What also adds to the great value is the 2 for £10 deal that occurs, making this a really cheap, and recommended visit!



So I’ve only been to a Bird restaurant once, and it was only due to the ‘girlfriend can’t decide what she wants to eat’ problem. However, the burger was really good, and I’m excited to visit the restaurant again and try many of their foods. I mean, fried food, who doesn’t love that!? But seriously, the menu looks incredible, as you can see, I went for the bacon and cheese burger, but other options like the buffalo blu or cats curry burger really appeal to me! Until next time Bird!


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

So this picture of the blue cheese burger from GBK may not make it look amazing, but the taste of it certainly was. As you can see, this was a delicious thick beef burger, the only thing for me that would improve it, which is quite obvious if you know me… is some spice. For £8 this may seem a lot of money for the size, but if you’re lucky enough to be a student like me, you can receive 25% through the GBK app. I would definitely recommend a trip to GBK as I think everyone knows the quality that they provide!




I may have a few more pictures of burgers… but I don’t really want to bore people with too many!

Where was your favourite burger from?


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