This Winter has been extremely cold, and in the last month I’ve been looking for a bigger, thicker jacket to keep me warm. Luckily, I stumbled across one which I instantly wanted.



Coats and jackets are perhaps my most favourite item of clothing. I feel that whilst shirts and jumpers can be covered, the jacket/coat is what everyone will see and therefore is essential in making an outfit. Needless to say a nice T-shirt, shirt or jumper is still needed to partner the outfit.

I personally have always liked wearing black clothes, not in a gothic way, but because you can’t beat an outfit that matches well. Of course, everybody knows that black and white can work extremely well. In this case, I partnered a longline white T-shirt from BoohooMAN with the long black parka from Bershka.

This parka coat, which is available in both black and khaki, provides a surprisingly large amount of insulation and warmth, so much so that I can feel too hot when also wearing a jumper, even on the coldest of days… but hey, I’m not complaining!

Of course, I’ve also included black ripped jeans from Asos, as anything black would suit the jacket well, but the rips give that extra casual look and feel.

Black Long Parka Coat – Bershka |Black Ripped Jeans  – ASOS |Longline White T-shirt – BoohooMan

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