For my 21st Birthday at the beginning of March I was sooo spoilt with presents by my family and my girlfriend Ayeisha. On the day before my birthday, Eesh told me she had booked a night at the BailBrook House Hotel in Bath.


This was my first time visiting Bath, and I was so excited, considering everyone who’s been before have given it great reviews. Unfortunately, that was the weekend that England had loads of snow, and if you’re from England then you will know how chaotic everything is when it snows! So, because of the snow, the Roman Baths were closed, which is one of the main attractions at the city…

Although it was pretty wet and cold, we could still enjoy what Bath had to offer. The city seemed to have everything, from all the high street shops you could think of, to dozens of trendy bars and cafés.

If you’re eating out in Bath, I highly recommend the Charm Thai Restaurant. If you’re into Thai cuisine, then this is a definite must, as it isn’t only affordable, but the food was amazing.  Pictured below is the Pad Kee Mao dish with chicken. This was incredibly spicy but amazing.


Another restaurant that we tried was Slug and Lettuce. This restaurant gives a similar feel to Wetherspoons, however we were impressed with the quirky and trendy decor. The prices were very reasonable, with a huge selection on the menu.


This featured outfit can suit any occasion being somewhat smart-casual! The thin but tight layers provide warmth even on the coldest of days!


The outfit includes the camel smart overcoat from New Look Mens, covering a beige muscle fit jumper from Topman. The beige jumper is a personal favourite of mine, mainly because of the excellent fit, and it provides the perfect smart-casual attire.  To go with this outfit I wore the black ripped jeans from ASOS.

Camel Smart Overcoat – New Look Mens |Black Ripped Jeans  – ASOS |Beige Muscle Fit Jumper – Topman

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  1. jasonlikestotravel

    Shame the snow meant you couldn’t see the baths, looks like you still had a good time though. I’m pretty sure Slug & Lettuce are a chain too so you might see them elsewhere in the UK 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Billy Heath

    i thought the title was “spending my birthday in a bath” and i thought this was about to be an insane story of a night out and how you ended up sleeping in a bath. |Anyway great story pal


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