My sister completely surprised me for my birthday this year by getting me and Eesh a three day holiday to Prague, Czech Republic. I had never been to Prague, but all I had ever heard were good things, and now I can confirm it.

I’ve tried something completely new as well, by videoing our time in Prague, and creating my very own travel vlog! I hope you all enjoy it and works well with this blog post!

The first thing we realised was that we had no idea what the exchange rate was like, so we panicked when deciding where and what to eat. We also realised that the language is not as easy to understand and translate as other European countries, but fortunately some places had english menus and people had good english. One thing we were lucky to discover was the three day travel cards. The three-day (72h) ticket costs 330,- Kč (around £12) for adults, so is well worth the money to get you around the city’s tram or transport services.

As you can see in the video, when we visited Prague it started off snowing and cold… not the ideal holiday weather! However, we still acted like tourists the best we could, visiting the Prague Castle, the Old Town and Charles Bridge.

Whilst the weather was cold, a bit of the country’s traditional food would keep us warm and lively. After exploring the Prague Castle, we came across the street food of Trdelník (seen below on the left), a rolled pastry that can be topped with chocolate, custard, cream or ice cream. Its safe to safe we had a few whilst we were there, and we definitely state that the Trdelník topped with chocolate is our favourite, and definitely worth trying.

In addition, the the Czech guláš or more understood to other countries as goulash, is a typical food for the tourist of Prague. The dish consists of stewed beef, topped with gravy and bread dumplings. Although it is offered in most restaurants, we were determined to try it when served in a bread bowl (as seen below). It was not only amazingly tasteful, but provided great warmth and energy whilst it was cold and snowed.

On our last day we had hours before we needed to be at the airport, so we diced to have one last explore around the city. We did a little bit of shopping, as well as finding any new foods, but we also came across Prague Golf and Games. As you can see in the picture below and the vlog video above, the Prague Golf and Games provides black light mini golf with a Prague theme. It also provides other arcade games such as foosball and air hockey. From what I can remember it was pretty cheap and well worth the money, with one round of mini golf costing around £8 each. I think for an extra pound or two you got two alcohol drinks with your entry! If you have any free time I would definitely recommend, you might even learn a thing or two about Prague whilst you play!


I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you can check out my vlog of our time in Prague! Thanks for visiting my site, be sure to follow my blog and social media via the links below!


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  1. Jonno

    Interesting post and some good photos. Love Prague and especially love gulas in a bread bowl. So good. So much to see and do there and loads of eating and drinking places too. Nice one.


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