To celebrate another year of university complete Eesh and I flew out to the sunny east coast of Majorca, in which we stayed at the Sun Village in Alcudia. We decided to go self catering as we thought we should branch out a bit and try the different foods and cuisines that the local restaurants had to offer.


The main thing I have taken away from the holiday was how amazing the beach was. I’ve been to different parts of Spain, and visited different beaches and coasts, but never before have I seen a beach like this. The cleanliness and clarity of the water was incredible – it was just unfortunate that there was little amounts of fish marine life to see.

At first we had worries about the weather, it seemed cloudy with little sun, and we even thought it could rain. Fortunately better weather came through, and we were able to enjoy not only the sun and beach, but also go on a snorkelling excursion. The snorkelling excursion that we did was £20, lasting two hours which involved a boat sailing around the coast to a cove. There, providing that you bring your own snorkels (it was annoying that they did not provide them), you can have 10 minutes to snorkel and swim around the deep waters.  Although there wasn’t much swimming time, there was still amazing views, and for £20 this was definitely worth the money.


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