We’ve been saying we would do it for a while now, so finally my Dad and I travelled up to the Lake District for a weekend of hiking and exploring.

Now despite that I no longer do any sports, I do occasionally go to the gym, so I often consider myself fit and able to take on physical challenges. However, when we set off to climb one of the smallest peaks, I was in for a surprise…

Disclaimer… I’ll be using some random names of some peaks, just to explain the specific hike that we did, but obviously these names may mean absolutely nothing to most readers… however do still watch my vlog down below to gain a bit of understanding!

After 9 miles, and 20,000 steps, we finally conquered the walk from Steel Fell to Castle Crag, and then to Gibson Knott and Helm Crag.

As you can see in the vlog, this was unexpectedly hard for me. I assumed it would just be a long hill, maybe hard on the legs but still easily achievable. Damn I was wrong. I had to take many breaks, and the two bottles of water I had with me was certainly not enough. Thats one thing that you should prepare if hiking, plenty of water!

If you and your family haven’t been to the Lake District before, then I definitely recommend a trip up there. The long journey to Cumbria is definitely rewarded by the views and the seclusion from and busy city life, which can be a real treat.


If anyone reading this has visited the lake District before, then you’ll know that there is much more to the area than just mountains. Lake Windermere is a real sight, as well as local towns and villages such as Ambleside and Keswick which are great to explore.

I hope you have enjoyed my post on my time in the Lake District and I hope you can check out my vlog of my hiking trip! Thanks for visiting my site, be sure to follow my blog and social media via the links below!


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