As so much is going on right now I thought I would let it all out on here. So first things first, I was fortunate to get a job at the beginning of July. It took me literally months of finding and applying to so many different vacancies, but finally I have been successful, and not only that, but I got the job at the local next store as a sales consultant, which in my eyes is a decent job to have. Fortunately I’m not working too much, only three or four days a week, just to give me some relaxation before September comes and I start third and final year of university!

Mid July we celebrated Eesh’s birthday… the big 21 milestone! I was particularly excited as I went a bit OTT with the presents, not really realising when to stop. I bought her some Nike trainers (as you can never go wrong with some new trainers), lots of sweets and food, and finally two tickets to the London Fashion Week Festival. I came across this and I was too thrilled to get it for us; two catwalk shows, designer gift bags, front row seats to those catwalks and exclusive sales at the festival. That takes place late September, so hopefully by then we would have saved up some money to have a really good time, and we can vlog our experience too.

As any of you who follow my social media would have seen, Eesh and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary a couple of days ago. We didn’t do much, apart from and a day out in London shopping and drinking. We decided to not buy any presents to save money for our next holiday which is in two weeks, where we will be jetting of to Barcelona!

Coming to the end of August, I had major stress about where I would be living for my final year of university. Eesh and I decided to take the leap of faith and try to live together, so now finally after weeks of searching, we have finally found an apartment and we are moving in within the next week! How exciting! I’ll most likely do a blog post on it as well!


Andddd I think that is everything! A little insight into the life of me!


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