Summer is clearly at an end, and with that it means preparing for not only another year of university, but the final, most stressful and most important year of my studies. After my girlfriend finished university earlier this year, I could see how stressed she was with work loads and deadlines every week, and I can’t say that I’m looking forward to it at all.

On the plus side, I’m going into my final year with good grades, so hopefully I can power through for the next nine months in an attempt to finish university with a 1st or 2:1.

I’ve finally received my lecture timetable for the year, and I’m in everyday, some days staying on campus from 9-5, which does not sound fun. And as for my assignments, a number of them include group work, which I personally hate. I have never understood why examiners and lecturers feel the need to include the potential incompetence of others in the reflection of your own work. First year I had a rather unfortunate experience of having a member in my group, who failed to complete any work, and on the day of presenting to the class, merely read out something that they had copied word-for-word of wikipedia. Personally I just prefer essays, or just any individual work for that matter, as I can have full control, and its I’m fully responsible for the final grade – okay rant over…

So far my modules may not be the most exciting, but they are certainly interesting enough. The only worrying thing is the amount of assignments that I have due in November, so I’ll most likely have to start some of them now!

When I finish university, I am not certain on what I want to do – in terms of career path or plans in general. I’ve always had the idea of travelling for a long period, but I worry I may have a better chance at finding a fulfilling graduate job straight after university.

Studying journalism has also given me the idea of perhaps combining my interest in travelling with my interest in writing and blogging, and perhaps one day making that my profession – which makes me think – would travelling for a period and continuing to blog, help make that concept a reality…

Anyway… as for me going into my final year of university, I’m expecting a lot of stress, which hopefully I can keep under control by going to the gym, boxing and now living with my girlfriend! Wish me luck!

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