With a lot of speculation over the future of the James Bond character in recent months, latest rumours suggest that there finally might be a cemented choice for the role in the next film, and it may be surprising.

Rewind to 2015 when the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, was quoted saying that after four films as 007, he’s had enough and actually stated that he would rather slash his own wrists than reprise the role – quite a bold statement I know! However, recently on The Late Show on US TV, the now 50 year-old actor admitted that whilst it would be his last outing, he will be James Bond in the 25th instalment.

So, the important question that has been circulating the entertainment worlds is, who will become James Bond after Daniel Craig?


In the last couple of months, rumours that I think everybody in the country would have heard is that Idris Elba could potentially be the next 007. Whilst there has been no confirmation, Elba has not hesitated to tease fans. On Twitter, the 46 year-old posted ‘My name’s Elba, Idris Elba’, mimicking the iconic James Bond introduction, and most recently, played the iconic Bond theme tune at London’s Elrow Town.

I personally would love to see Idris Elba as James Bond. Whilst we’ve seen Elba in many rough and tough roles, we’ve seen little amounts of roles were he speaks very articulately and posh. However, Daniel Craig didn’t exactly come across as posh, but more rough and gritty, which Elba could easily excel at, as seen in previous roles (Luther, Rockn’Rolla).

Idris Elba would also bring diversity to the role, which has been the focus of debates all over social media, polarising opinion. Some have argued that Ian Fleming’s (the James Bond creator/author) original description of the character depicts a middle class, dark haired, blue-eyed, white male, and actors should resemble such. I myself feel that this argument is unnecessary, and that ‘a British Spy’ is all that is needed for an actor to try to resemble. If anything, it could be argued that some, if not all of the previous actors that have portrayed the James Bond character, have had one or more feature/characteristic from the original description missing (e.g. the scar on his cheek or hand), so what difference would race have to the role.

I don’t want this post to mainly be about the debates over wether Idris Elba is eligible for the role, but instead focus on wether he would be a good James Bond. Personally, I think he would. As I’ve said, he can easily show suave and sophistication in both appearance and mannerisms, as well as having the build and figure for the typical action scenes of James Bond.


There is just no denying that Tom Hiddleston is sophisticated and suave. The actor, best known for his role as Loki in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, seems to have perfected his Norse-God character through such sophistication, articulate speeches and his charm. In any real-time interviews, you can witness the extremely British accent and attitude of the 37 year-old actor. I feel that there is just something about him that has potential for the role as James Bond – maybe the only thing I would adjust is his stature, perhaps if he bulked up I would definitely support the idea. Anyway, this idea of Hiddleston being James Bond seems quite controversial, even between the members of my family! I think he might be like marmite, you either love him or you hate him!


Henry Cavill’s role as Napoleon Solo in the Man from Uncle film (2015) is the epitome of sophistication that would suit James Bond – albeit an American version. Cavill quite clearly has the cool and charming look for the role, and as seen in his latest role as CIA agent August Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018), he can certainly perform an action scenes and stunts well. The 35 year-old already has the height, physic and looks to pull off the Superman role, so he would easily be able to pull of a sophisticated spy in a suit.

Back in July 2018, in an interview with Yahoo Movies, Henry Cavill discussed his interest in the 007 role, stating: “I would love the opportunity and if they were to ask I would say ‘yes'”. In addition, as I discuss in my previous blog post – ‘HENRY CAVILL EXITS SUPERMAN’ – THE DOWNFALL OF DC?, ties between Warner Bros. and Henry Cavill seem to have fallen apart, fortunately allowing Cavill availability to take up new franchise roles… perhaps perfect timing?


Tom Hardy is undoubtably one of the most popular British actors in recent years. With vast amount of roles, ranging from the Kray Twins to DC’s Bane, Mad Max to an MMA fighter, Hardy has gathered a large fanbase, and rightly so. I personally think he is an excellent actor, with the amount of different roles showing how versatile he is.

This Means War (2012) is perhaps not one of Tom Hardy’s most popular films, but does give us a small insight into what he could be like as a British spy. Contrasting against typical American characters, his extremely British portrayal aims to highlight the charm and sophistication that is linked to being British. Put that in a film, along with Tom Hardy in a suit and lots of action scenes, and we might just have a great James Bond.


There has been few (but still some) rumours of one of the biggest Game of Thrones stars potentially being considered as the next James Bond. Kit Harrington, who plays the beloved Jon Snow in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series, has also had a go at spy-action films in the past, taking on the role as Will Holloway in the Spooks: The greater Good film. This film actually had similarities to the James Bond franchise, centralising around the British Secret Service, as well as focusing on an unpredictable, ruthless and charming agent. This would perhaps help us to imagine Kit Harrington as James Bond, and frankly, I just don’t see it. I don’t know if its the 5″8 height, or perhaps the iconic long black locks that his GOT character requires, but I just cannot imagine (and I didn’t feel it in the Spooks film) Kit Harrington really scaring or intimidating, or even impressing the notorious villains of James Bond.

In addition to recent rumours, possible actors that I think could have some potential at being 007 include Armie Hammer, Charlie Hunnam and if he’s not too old, maybe even Clive Owen.

Who do you think would be a good James Bond?

Thanks for reading my post, feel free to comment your opinion!

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