When the weather becomes colder everyday, there are more, justified reasons to buy and bring out the warm clothes. This winter, I’ve actually thought smart, and bought clothes that not just look good, but more importantly, will actually keep me warm.

I was in desperate need of a new denim jacket/coat, and this coat provided that little bit of difference to the usual look with the full borg lined style. The jacket can be partnered with almost anything, but as you can see here I went for a simple black t-shirt and necklace. The jacket itself is extremely warm, mainly due to the borg material making up the inside of the jacket. At £42 from boohooman, this is already reasonably priced, with the addition of the many discounts that boohoo provides, this was one of my best purchases by far.


Blue Fully Borg Lined Denim Jacket – BoohooMan | Skinny Black Jeans: Asos | Black Classic T-shirt – Topman


H&M have some really decent mens winter clothing at the moment, especially the jumpers and hoodies. This ribbed zip jumper is somewhat an older look, but provides a casual but stylish look for any occasion. I partnered this with a simple peacoat, just to add a bit of extra warmth. The dark colours combined with these grey Nike trainers are simple but effective.


Ribbed Zip Jumper  – H&M | Nike Air Max 95 – Nike


When I travelled to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, the weather was snow all day, each day, and temperatures of -8. I knew that I was in desperate need of a thick coat to keep me extremely warm… and here it is. This padded coat from H&M was excellent for the cold and wet weather of Stockholm, as well as providing a great new look compared to the rest of my wardrobe. At £40, plus a 20% student discount, I can consider this a bargain. The only downside is the lack of hood for when it really does rain, however the jacket isn’t too thick that you can’t wear a hoodie or jumper underneath.


Red, White and Blue Padded Jacket – H&M | Beige Muscle Fit Jumper – Topman | Skinny Black Jeans: Asos


I hope you have enjoyed reading my small post on my Winter wears.

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